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Peace Love Unity Respect, normally shortened to PLUR, is a set of principles that is originally associated with the rave culture.
The first wispers and discussions about rave culture conducted on Usenet mention PLUR, it has been commonly used since the early 1990s when it became commonplace in club flyers and especially on club paraphernalia advertising underground outdoor trance parties. It has since expanded to the larger rave dance music culture as well.

Peace – The avoidance of negative emotions and conflict.
Love – Performing acts and sharing feelings of goodwill towards others. The exchange of gestures such as hugging occurs frequently, and is considered a way of “spreading the love or unified energy.”
Unity – Welcoming others into the community, and coming together regardless of personal differences.
Respect – Showing sensitivity for the feelings of others, and accepting one another with tolerance and without judgement. Treating each other as one would like to be treated.

PLUR is, in essence, a safe space, I am another you, you are another me, in Peace Love Unity & Respect.

It may be interpreted as an essential philosophy of life for way more than just clubbers and ravers, at least insomuch as it relates to interpersonal relationships, with basic directions on how people behave.  This universalist philosophy underpinning the tribal dance culture which began circling the globe with the rise of the internet. Raves represent a modern ritualistic experience, promoting a strong communal sense, where PLUR is considered an ideology.